Huis Clos

by Jean Paul Sartre

12th - 15th Dec 2006  8pm

13th & 15th Dec 2pm

 This production has now finished.


Huis Clos
By Jean Paul Sartre
Directed by Peter Joucla

Three characters find themselves in a sealed room in Hell, but one which contains no instruments of human torture or burning pyres. As they slowly and reluctantly confess to each other the sins which brought them here, it becomes apparent that that these three individuals will find each other's company unbearable for the duration of eternity. Hell is,  indeed, other people.

Tour De Force Theatre has been touring classic French and English productions to Europe, the Middle East and Asia for the past ten years and its international reputation is growing fast. See the website for more details.

This production, which returns to the UK from a seven week tour of state theatres in Germany and Switzerland, is also very suitable for French A level students.  Tour De Force offers reduced prices for student groups and will provide after performance discussion in French and English. 


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