The Anomaly
Monday 3 April 2017
Monday 1 May 2017


Tickets £14/£12


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3 Course Magic Presents

An astounding Telepathy Magic Show with

Meet ‘The Anomaly’ – They can communicate with their minds and play around with yours. She can see with her ears and he likes taking death-defying risks. Together they take you on a journey so unforgettable, you’ll even forget to forget it.

Featuring special guest star, Pretty Boy Floyd, a criminal teddy-bear wanted for heinous crimes against humanity. Have you ever wondered who messes-up your hair while you’re asleep – or who doodles on your bank notes?

Prepare to Gasp at the impossible as you experience the most baffling demonstration of ESP you will ever witness, on any stage, anywhere, ever! Those seeking rational explainations may endure sleepless nights for years after the show - Now there’s a thought!







Tabard Theatre
2 Bath Road
W4 1LW

Enquiries: 0208 995 6035